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I’ve met Michael Jackson

I’ve met Michael Jackson

I woke up this morning, with tears in my eyes. 
It was one of the most extraordinary dream I
ever had.

I was a little boy again when I met Michael

Michael Jackson was making his exit as he
finished performing “Black or White”, the last
song of the concert.

“C’mon, Richard. Let’s go now”. he said excitedly,
as he grabbed my tiny hand and we ran toward
the limosine that was waiting for us.

“Did you see it, Richard?”. He asked softly. “You
can do it too”.

“But I can’t sing and dance.” I said.

“No, Richard… I mean you can change the world.”

He continued.

“You can change how people look at things,
you can change people’s lives to be better.”

“But I don’t know how to”. I protested in my
little voice.

Michael then placed his hand on my face,
looked me in the eyes and said to me in

“Oh Richard, I’m sure you’ll find a way”.

And the next thing I know, I awoke from my bed…
with my pillow moisten with tears. I can’t help
feeling touched by what he said.

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I understood what he meant. Michael changed
the world with his music, he broke down racial
barriers around the world.

And I knew I could do that with internet marketing.

I could also touch people’s lives and make
their lives easier, if I could show them exactly
how they can take away their financial burden…
without much effort at all.

And start living a better quality with the extra
cash flow.

If Michael have touch your life through his music.

This is what I do… to touch yours.

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